Unbenanntes Dokument
SIGFM InterNetwork Privacy Security Anonymity

what we want

that's easy explained:

we want you.

first as our customer and donator whose patience is exhausted with all these c*ap and mu*k around and which we would be pleased to advise and help.
or perhaps as a volunteer who picks up the phone sometimes, or does as an experienced and approved one help for others. we don't want your computers to do anything for us, except your own participation. however, feel free to join our boinc-team.

we are convinced that only the public is able to do what is about highest time: to learn from and help each other without prevalently pecuniary aspect to protect our right of privacy all together.
how effective this can work you may read here.

we would like to sensitize you for the many dangers and pitfalls in the digital life and courteously offer you our assistance.

the fewer flaws you make today, the lesser the trouble in future.