Unbenanntes Dokument
SIGFM thoughts of eventualities

what is this supposed to be?

any hint? no? this is the problem here, you see.
here is the site, which was planned to be filled by the users. and know what? not a bad idea! so please, do not be embarrassed and fainthearted of being a victim of phishing, spam, vitual mobbing or other disconcerting and offending things around your virtual life. write us your story and share your experiences with the others to possibly avoid them from making the same mistakes as you did. and once again, let us help you.

so now you are! it's now on you to fill these chapters with your verifiable story and anything other related. you're fired because of youtube? vic of massive spam and no clue? recently seen on zippyvideos and you had not the foggiest gleam? needless to say: the more you in public the greater the risks. think about your mobile? your account on facebook? so always be careful about your real freedom! and be canny of what you write in blogs.


you story here?