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SIGFM hints & recommendations

passwords ?

the only advice: if there is a possibility to set a password, then do so. do not ever think you're cool enough and nothing will happen to you, and nobody has admittance to your beloved plaything or your important data. don't be presumptuous to yourself. even a short one is better than jack sh*t. use mnemonic rhymes or the like, if fanciless. what can happen to you if no password is set, you may read here.

screenshot ?

a picture paints a thousand words ... you've got a digicam? fine. for once, use it soberly. make screenshots even your computer has made a crash. nasty messages appear on the screen and you're clueless? snap, read(!), gingerly then, click.

...and your number, please ? abuse in public !

firewall ? the necessity of use.

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