Unbenanntes Dokument

floppy disk 3.5"

‘there is something wrong with my computer, she flutteringly declared. ‘it guzzles my very new floppy discs. ‘what's the matter? ‘yes, I insert a disc in the slot, then the computer rattles but nothing happens. ‘how many did you …? 'about ten to thirteen or so, she expounded with haughtiness. since the computer was assembled by a known distributor, we phoned. the answer was not really surprising. our damsel in distress stuffed her floppy discs in an empty slot of her computer's casing, that originally was delivered without any built in floppy disc drives. be that as it may, but why so much? this answer now was a surprise, actually.'I wanted to burn some music... indubitably, a light bulb moment. the other day, a volunteer went by to collect 31 floppy discs from the bottom of the casing. life can be sooo stunningly beautiful … ««


flash of insight