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...and your number, please ? abuse in public !

...and your number, please ?

no doubt, it’s the crux of the matter. always and everywhere and more often you’ll be asked for your details. shopping at k-mart? ‘…your phone number, please and address…. the european union is also affected by this behavior more and more, increasingly from the west to the east. you want to buy the simplest things, and it feels sometimes as applying for an organ donor. wanna meet old friends on the net? lookin’ for a variety? not without abandoning most private and monetary information to the net. so, do not be feeble minded! has a cashier in a super-market any right and onus to know where you live, actually? no? then tell them and all other irksome and nosy questioners what they deserve: anything but the truth! don't argue with them, it's pointless. there is no punishment for that, except a clean and spam-free mailbox and, hopefully, contemplatively evenings without cold calling, promising a larger di*k jointly with a longer life, and other rubbish. they promise you big things for less? after all, you lost not only your money. the meaning of the words 'you save $' is converse these days.
You can be certain that, if there is anyone who is authorized to know who you are, it will become apparent to you at some point. it is the simple and vicious trueness: all information about you, mostly delivered by yourself, is in the most cases not used to do good to you. you may burn the old ugly photograph together with the negative. if lucky, nobody has a copy. the internet will never forget you. today, you type in and write down an information ottomh, tomorrow you’ll get the payoff. it is virtually impossible to purge these traces you left while using such as myspace facebook and other so called social networks. it’s not that we dissuade from using these websites and products. it’s funny and sometimes surprising as long as you’re aware of what information you deliver to whom and what for. this also applies to calling cards and similar things.

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