Unbenanntes Dokument
firewall ? the necessity of use.

firewall ?

and here it is, the new and exceedingly amazing gizmo has arrived. the new 'rooter' has features you dreamt about: wlan fast and stable with outreach to the pool. also to the neighbors. you're tough enough to plug the things together and surprisingly it works, eventually. filling in the forms for some trivial username and a likewise password to connect to the provider's network is done very fast and easy and that it is. it works phantasmagoric and the bills are o.k.. you think ... really?

the only thing you might have for sure is, the router is sparkling your data around. maybe from the first second of it's calamitous, since unencrypted connection. you've got so-called 'shared folders' at your window$-pc? with pictures in it? your wife's? heee, now you know how to read the neighbor's glimpse. however, this is more likely a simple 'incident', isn't it?

yet nothing lost, we hope. send us just a mail with the utmost meticulousness description of the device. mostly found at bottom. take a picture and mail it, or do so with a related link found e.g. on the wrapping. photograph the wrapping. you know? we can help you to protect your network by phone and 'synchronous action'. better safe than sorry. so let's find out what we can do for you !

...and your number, please ? abuse in public !