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we seal up your network connections

we establish secured and encrypted connections for almost all purposes.

you businessmen and -women have got problems. you don’t realize but you have. the hotel flunkey aged 15, is gaping at a computer's display, monitoring the packets sent by your notebook’s wlan gizmo to your headquarters or inamorata/o. the wlan is secured quite natural . potentially for payoff reasons, not to your protection. the hotels gateway isn’t. the device, each information has to pass through on its way to and from the internet. if you don’t encrypt your data before this happens, peeping tom by the gateway’s screen rubs his hands again. another banking account has altered owners . not only seen in hotels.

use our psa-vpn service. on your laptop installed in approx. 15 mins, it secures and encrypts all data you send through the internet. unexceptional all. from us, you'll receive personally instructions and access data by phone or e-mail. a few clicks later the villain's face turns fretful. game over. you win.

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