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you may use public hotspots such as fon and others. our services mostly run very well on them. consider to buy this offered device not only to do some good to others, but maybe for having an excellent excuse ready, e.g. if blamed for running the tor software without a sensible exit policy. use this software and you'll get a superb and well featured wlan-router for less than low.

if all goes well, then you should be aware of another important fact: 'https' ! you have seen this possibly during online banking or brokering. but what is this, actually?

https (port 443) is used for encryption and authentication of the communication between web servers and browsers (you, the users) on the internet. without encryption, all data is readable for anyone with access to the network as clear text. every password, every blog post and every e-mail to the beloved. most wireless connections such as public wi-fi hotspots, unfortunately, are unencrypted. therefore, the importance of https increasingly rises, because of all contents is encrypted before sending into the net. furthermore, it is the only encryption method which works without special software installation by any browser. this method of authentication will allow each side of the connection to verify and approve the identity of the other. a feature by the increasing number of phishing attacks is becoming more and more important. so it is how it is always: a cheap domain hosting like the ‘$ 0.99/m’ can not provide such things which are obviously important these days. so ask targeted for the possibility of https connections to your future website, the favorite blog or webmail you use. or ask us.